Kokeshi dolls for a happier home

How would you like filling your house with happiness with a cute little object which carries also a lot of meaning? The Kokeshi dolls have got it all! For those who haven’t heard of them yet, “colorful, tiny and cute” are some words that could describe them very well.

The Kokeshi dolls are a kind of doll originated in Japan, with remarking and particular characteristics. The most traditional are the handmade ones, sculpted on wood and hand painted afterwards. They’re known as a symbol of protection and are used as children’s gaurdian angels. A delightful and curious detail, much appreciated by Japanese people, is the fact that it is hand painted, which makes every single doll different from each other and unique.

There are plenty of different Kokeshi dolls, but the “philosophy” that permeates through this whole Kokeshi dolls thing is the same: the search for the perfect harmony between beauty and art with simplicity. Get a Kokeshi doll and bring welfare and happiness to your home!

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