Blue is the color for your room

The color of the sky and the seven seas reminds us of quietness, reflection and meditation. On decoration, blue is the color if you want to innovatge. For it’s wide variety of tones, the color blue may bring various effects on the environment in which it is used. It’s considered a cold color and it brings a feeling of peacefulness and stimulates patience and serenity. It’s a good call for the restless people. The soft tones of blue calm people’s minds; the more intense ones take us to introspection and are not recommended for depressed people.

A good tip to give emphasis to the color is maintaining the rest of the room with neutral colors – a white kitchen with blue details, for instance. But if you want to be bold and make the place look cool, the mix of hot and cold colors is a good option. Blue and orange, or blue and green, for example, may bring a single and unique trait for a room.

Using the various tones of blue or mixing it with different colors will certainly result in a surprisingly original room decoration for your home.

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