They never get old

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Decorating your home with frames is one of the oldest and classic ways of decoration. But they can’t be used only for covering an empty space on the wall or just to liven the environment up. The painting must be in agreement with the person’s, the wall’s, the furnitures’ and the environment style in which it’ll be put.

They can be abstract, they can be modern, they can be from well-known or unknown figures. The different sizes and art styles steal glances from visitors, and they make any environment look more sofisticated. You can also think outside the box and  be bold enough to decorate your walls with triangle shaped frames, or even heart shaped ones.

Another good way of being bold while decorating with paintings is placing them on untraditional and descentralized positions. You don’t always have to place them exactly on the middle of the wall or on another usual position. This is one of the best alternatives if you want to innovate with frames.

It’s funny how such an antique and common piece like a frame can make such a difference a completely change an environment. Show your boldness and express yourself through a painting. It’s still the best way of decorating your home.