Decorate with flowers and value the harmony of the environment

Despite being colorful, scented and admirable, flowers are almost always left aside on the corner of a room, having their natural splurge faded out. Besides decorating, flowers can have an influence on our well-being, and it’s necessary for us to value and enhance their beauty, by any means, such as valuing the balance and the simplicity of their shape. Able to transform both inside and outside environments, the flowers get in harmony with a room, and, along with that, the aroma helps both the mind and the body to relax. Using natural flowers in a decoration helps to form a more harmonic, cheerful and peaceful environment.

In order to not leaving the place too “burdened”, you should go with two kinds of flowers, tone over tone. The colors of the flowers have to be in harmony with the colors of the house. In environments with neutral or light colors, the flowers should be placed in contrasting vases. Thus, both the room and the flowers are enhanced.

Be careful with flowers with strong aromas. Those ones must be placed on open and ventilated environments, thus, when the fragrance gets to the rooms, they come smoothly and naturally. For indoor environments, you should choose flowers with discrete aromas. For those people who don’t have much free time to take care of their flowers, they should opt for the tropical kinds, which have more durability and don’t require as much care as orchids and bromeliads.

Here you go some essential tips:

  • Keeping the vase and the water always clean enhances the lifetime of a flower.
  • When you go shopping for flowers, choose the ones that are still closed. Flowers with open petals may have signs of deterioration or stains.
  • Find out what is the best day to buy flowers in your city and buy them when they are fresher.

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