Geek up your home

Previously seen as weirdos and clumsy, the geeks, whom used to be victims of those big bullies at school, became a trend. In a world that cares so much about technology, the geek culture has been a great factor of inspiration to many people in ways of dressing, behaving and even decorating their house. Since the subject that we always adress our talks to is decoration, let’s not waste time and check out some interesting ideas that will get your home geeky and feeling nostalgic.

Coffee table inspired by the classical PlayStation Joystick

What about a Space Invaders’ wall?

Mario, Luigi and the world of “Super Mario Bros” mold a unique shelf that every fan of the series would love to have. Not to mention that pipe-shaped corner table

Pac-man, also as a shelf, gives your living room a stylish geeky visual

Those Tetris-inspired cushions are a great choice to old school gamers

What can we say about this R2-D2 armchair? Well, there is a C-3PO’s one missing!

This Nintendo’s NES bed linen would certainly bring sweet dreams to any fan of the Nintendo’s first console, launched on 1983

To finish the list, what about one more item from the Japanese video game company? This carpet would totally match with the bedding set, wouldn’t it?