Animal Print

For some people the animal print is just too much! But if you know how to use it don’t worry about! It’s a good choice.

The thing about the Animal Prints is that you have to match with the rest of your house, and this is important! If you are using more Zebra or Ounce, use dark colors and neutral things, only a few details are enough to let everything sophisticated.  In the case of another prints, the rule is the same, just take care, as usual, with the colours. This kind of prints are better in some kinds of decoration.

Good styles to include the animal prints are mostly the rustic and modern contemporary. The rustic is interesting because it is possible to mix the brown and the ancient with the luxury of the animal print, so the environment stays a lot more sophisticated. In the modern contemporary the best choices are made without exaggeration. Use in some details the animal print, but not in everything or your house will stay really tacky.

In the end, the real secret about animal print is to use in moderation. The rest is just a case of good sense.