Nice chair!

Such a nice chair changes everything when you don’t know what style do you prefer.  This first piece is from the designer Konstantin Grcic in his last work to Mattiazzi. The carpentry is really fundamental in his career, and that’s why he also used this to design the chair. The chair has 3 parts, with cuts and really different angles (1). Nice way to inspire yourself and put it in your modern decoration!!

Another option for you is the colored chairs and armchairs. The one in Red is from Vanity Fair, the Frau Armchair.(2) Another famous one in the design is the Bibliochaise from Nobody & Co. the best idea for the ones that love reading and don’t have to much space to put their books. It’s also one idea for the ones that want more space at home, or for the others that are with a enormous bible and want to have more things there (3).

A really cute armchair is the Teddy Bear from Danish Design. designed by Hans J. Wegner. With a vintage touch she is perfect to spice any ancient decoration (4). The classic armchair is also a good request and leaves everything more sophisticated, bet in the vintage and new at the same time.The classic and the modern. Inspire yourself a little bit in what we see as the best of decoration!