Indian Style

Many people just don’t realize how many things we have today in our houses that are coming from the orient. This includes things coming from China, India, Middle East and many other countries. One of the places that have the most beautiful fabrics and decorating accessories and furnitures is India.

The style is remarkable and can be mixed with anything. When the English were there they used to mix up the classic english style with all the rustic influences of India. The elephants, the traditional cultural and religious figures and many colours are part of this. The marquetry with nacre and other materials is also a characteristic of this pieces, from furnitures to little jewerlly boxes.The pieces in wood carved are also really great, and you can also combine in some parts of your house.

Other than that you will find the best in this kind of style: the accessories. I wasn’t lying when i talked about the fabrics, they are in fact amazing! The sewing and embroidery are the best part of it. Some of them it seems like the artisans took more than a year to embroider, it’s really beautiful and they live everything more sophisticated.

When investing in this kind of things, be aware of what do you need to do:
-observe the styles and how this works in combination. It’s not because you liked some piece that you have to use it or put in your house, sometimes is good to have a bit of good sense and pic only the things that can be part of your house.

– observe the colours. Sometimes the best thing to do when you are deciding what articles to put in your house is to observe the colours. Like this you will at least have one idea of what’s best to any room. You can combine some dark colours with some brighter and darker colours (all mixed up), but you have to do it well and in a smart way.  The brown combines with organge, all tones of brown, black, sometimes gray, wine, and other darker colours. If you have a room mostly based in the white than you can abuse a little bit more and combine other brighter colours or even some darker. It depends of what you want.

At last, inspire yourself! Look for new ideas in magazines, blogs such as this one and visit lots of stores to know what you really want. One thing that we can say is that the Indian style is always in fashion, and originality is the key word to use it inyour house in a smart way! Observe some pictures that our blog selected for your inspiration!

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