Accessories: Cages and Candles

The new tendency in decoration is just about the use of Cages and Candles. If you have a house mostly decorated in a modern and contemporary style you can also put this accessories there, just make sure that you are choosing the right ones to put in your house.

In the case of the cages is always good to observe the shapes! Some are more simple, others more elaborated, you have to choose something that matches with your house. In my opinion when you have a really clean decoration is always good to invest in clean accessories. So the cages have to be simple, cute, but also highlights in your decor. Today we have lots of colours in the market, is really cool and with so many options for you to choose. Just pic one and decorate all the rest!

The Candles are even more simple! You have thousand other shapes, many fragances and different prices. And as in the case of the cages is just to observe what are your preferences and priorities. The Candles can be used inside the cages too, the effect is wonderful and really sofisticated.

Decoration is just about the details: Oh Yeah!