Contemporary Style

Starting again with the styles in decoration, another good option for you that is mostly modern and cool is the contemporary style. One good thing about this style is that you have something really basic, but at the same time really beautiful and stylish, if you find the right pieces to combine and to use in your decoration. – 11243

Sometimes the contemporary style can be seen as something similar to minimalism. The minimalism is more simple than the contemporary, not too much details or extra decorating pieces. The contemporary is beautiful, simple, functional and soft, and maybe that’s why it’s one of the preferred of decorators and professionals of the area.

The style is composed by a beautiful simplicity. The furniture is mostly with marked and slim silhouettes, angular pieces and simple lines. The straight surfaces are privileged also as one meaning image of this style. The glasses, stones, cement, marble, and even the light or dark wood make a huge difference in your decoration. You always can have something glazed, metallic or with other simple but different finishes. Everything, from the furniture to the accessories, such as the carpet and the upholsery has to be tempting and confortable. The geometric forms are everywhere, so you have to bet on it, while constructing this style.

Most part of the walls are white, such as the roof and everything. If is not white, is another neutral and homogeneous color, but obviously you can use your creativity and compose this style with wallpapers and similar textures.

When picking up cabinets choose the embedded and large, when choosing the the floor pick the simple and with quality, when picking up the accessories and furnitures prefer to mix the round with the straight and rectangular. Doing this you will have a great house, simple to decorate and even like that beautiful, stylish and confortable!

There’s nothing better than be at home… mostly when everything is exactly in the way you like!