Best for the Kids.


If you have a daughter or a son, you know what i’m talking about! It’s hard to please your children and leave everything in their rooms confortable, usefull and  always fashionable. When they are very young you do whatever you want in their rooms, and that’s ok. But when they grow a little bit, they want everything in their way, and of course you want to please their will.

So how can you leave your children happy and make a beautiful room and that won’t go out of fashion?

The first step is to use, at least in the walls, neutral colours. We can say that white, cream and other variations can be used like this. It’s easier to combine everything if you have neutral colors in the back. Another good option is always the Wallpaper and, most recently, the fabrics that we can put in the walls too. You can choose anything you want and they will put there. I saw once even contact paper! You can choose any draw that you want and the good thing about the contact is that you can coat even the furnitures with the same paper, but obviously it depends of your taste.

The bed is really important in the decoration too. Depending on the side of the room is the central piece, so indicated the tendencies and styles. Other than that, is really important to choose a bed that is confortable and durable. Like this, when you want to change your children’s room again the bed will be there, you can change the colors, the texture, the panting… but the bed will be there, always good.


When finding desks to studies, lamps, chairs, mirrors and wardrobes, you have to take in consideration the same concepts. The warrobe and the desk must match preferably with the bed. The lamps and chairs can show something different, with different textures and figures. After that, the only thing that is always changing, even because after some time of use is always dirt and used is the extra acessories.

They can be of any colour, any tendencie, it just has to match with all the rest. Use the favorite character of your son, the best player of baseball or even the cutest dolls of your daughter. Anything is valid.

When the kids grow up you can change a bit their rooms too. Leave something more as the teenagers like and everybody will be happy. The secret is always invest in good furnitures, that can be changed and then in good accessories.

Change! Abuse of the beautiful! Try new things and invest in your children’s room, such as you do with the hole house! The best for the house is what you and your childrens want!