The Classic of Hollywood and Music past to decorating styles

Marie Antoinette - Sony Pictures

It’s now a tradition to use classic movies and musical and artistical movements as an inspiration to your house decor. This week i saw one article at Elle Decor website and it was about some classical pieces that were used in movies and now are present in the best decorations. Another thing is that most part of the artists are really concerned with architecture, even because of the investments, so they use to choose something pretty to put at home and so they add value to all that’s there.

We can see some influences in decoration since the old movies. The Godfather for example, was launched in 1972, but they brought back mostly all the vibes from the 30’s in NY .  Another movie that brings a little bit of the 30’s – 40’s and was also launched in the 70’s is “The Great Gatsby”, a great piece of Fitzgerald past into a great movie.

We have also some movies of the 50’s and 60’s that brought the mixture of this decades to the current times, as they came back as an inspiration to the new “vintage” decorations. Many movies from this decade have a style that today is part of history and that’s why their decoration and way of life is also considered elegant and beautiful untill today. We know that any movie with Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn are a mark of style and good taste. Being elegant, in many points, is something that the people bring mostly from this decades and that’s why the decoration and fashion today take too much in consideration the 50’s and a bit of 60’s style.

Photo by Universal Studios – © Universal Studios - All Rights Reserved

Furthermore we have other types of decoration, more rustic and linked to rockn’roll and the counterculture, that’s the end of 60’s to 70’s. The revolutions of 68 and all the movements of the decade brought another style to decoration. Something that was already present in UK from India and the orient became much more strong. The gipsy started to figure out as another form to complete decorations and it remains today.

“Rebel, rebel, you’ve torn your dress!!” Yes, everything was changing and torn!!! And than comes the 80’s with a little bit more discotheque. The lights got stronger also in decoration… and then everything started to get more and more digital, the lifestyle, the praticality and everything else, such as the decoration.

One wave of the classical it’s also really appearent since the classical story movies started to place great decorators and fashion designers in their production. One example is Marie Antoinette, of Sophia Coppola, a movie with a really good taste production in fashion and decoration.

I use to say that the changes in fashion and design are really linked with the movies and the music, actually they work together, cooperating with each other. Everything keeps changing untill today, but always with some influences of the past. If you like decor you have to take in consideration the creativity and use this!! Any influence is wellcome!

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