How to decorate a corridor?


It’s interesting how the halls in general are decorated, they are always an important part of the house and nobody really cares about them. When you call someone at home, there you are, passing through it… and seems like nobody gives too much attention to them. Giving life to the corridors is really necessary, your house stays much more alive and with your own style.

There are some kinds of corridors… some of them are bigger, some are smaller and you can have or not space to put furniture. First of all, as we always say here, look for your house style tips. MATCH is the key word in this first step.

After that, consider your hall size. If your corridor is big, try to use furnitures to complete the empty spaces. It’s always good a side table, a little sofa, a recamier and other extra pretties. When you don’t have to much space try to find some more with little furniture or none, you can add only mirrors, paintings and other things like that. Another alternative, for the ones that have a small corridor is to invest in the lightness. The environment gets much more interesting and the people feel much more confortable in this passages.

When you have one corridor almost by the side of the house, such as a balcony, you can also put some flowers, recamiers and deck chairs. It’s interesting to observe the sun in this kind of places, even because it’s a really good space to relax after the lunch, the dinner or any other activities.

Sometimes this kind of spaces are really usefull to the people that are looking for one extra space at the office or even at home… so maybe you can put a little cabinet that gives you more space to store things.

In the case of commercial buildings and constructions the best option is always to be clean. Depending on the style of the office you can invest in something different such as a new light, a new design or anything different that is usual and beautiful.

And at last, a corridor can be perfect just in the way he was made. So if you have a house with a great architecture…maybe doing nothing and mantaining the design of your house is the solution for something beautiful and stylish.