Three types of marriages decoration

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One of the most important moments in our life is our marriage. That’s why we do everything we can and we can’t to have everything just perfect! So here it goes some tips about the decoration in your special moment.

In my opinion, there’s three types of marriages decoration: in the field, in the city and at the beach. First of all analyse where you live, maybe there’s a great place to make a beautiful ceremony without spending a lot. In the field there are lots of scenarios. If you live next to the mountains maybe a delicate and natural weding is the best and more elegant way of conducting everything. If there’s no mountains, the field is a great place to use and abuse of the flowers and rustic details! And as you know the Provential Style… you should use it!

The ceremony in the city is better when is discrete but autentic and modern. Look up for elegant things and leave the romantism with the lights of the city. Inspire yourself breathing and leaving there, everything has to match! And the best thing about the big cities is the variety of places to celebrate, so you choose one and then you try to combine everything. But remember of being modern and elegant!

And at last, my favourite type of marriages are at the Beach! You can dress yourself and decorate in a very simple but beautiful and soft way. Everyone feels better in this kind of environments, the climate is of fun and freedom.. and so it has to be your decoration! Abuse of the rustic, beachy and shells. It doesn’t seems like, but shells when painted and well planned in the production are very classy.


Inspire yourself in the classic styles of decoration and combine your weding environment with everything that you like! Wait for more information in our blogs about decoration styles!