The French Country Style (en Provence)

Based in flowers and the delicatessen of South France, the Provence style is coming back with the time to the new decorations, bringing all the love and softness of a great life in the field. Together with the other flowers and delicate printed fabrics the people of southern France created a new way of decorating, based in the royalty but adapted to their reality. Today it is a sophisticated and sweet way of decorating and projecting a house. We have the famous Chateaux, that is a little and appealing castell, mostly present in the field.

The idea was to cover some defects in the wood with a mix of plaster and glue, and with the time the aged appearance started to figure and the furniture became what we know, making part of the “Provence style” today.  More than romanticism we can see a mix of a rustic way of life, so the yellowness is also present with the rocks and lavenders. Pastel shades of blue, lavender and rose combine with white furniture, so abuse and use it!

In the accessories you can use everything related. Today we have lots of options in plates, fabrics, pillows, pots, mugs and many other things. The only tip that I can give you and that you should follow is to search and look everywere that you can. Maybe you find one or another things that are really interesting and amazing to your house.  The French Country Style lives everything sweet, rustic but at the same time delicate and stylish.

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