Essentials – bathroom

by_HAUK MEDIEN ARCHIV - Alexander Hauk -

As the rest of the house, the Bathroom has to match with everything. So you have to remember first of all what’s essential. Obviously the first thing you have to have is the toilet. But to make this choice, you have to decide what is your preferred color to the Bathroom. You can choose tiles with different designs or even marble, what lives everything chic and sofisticated.

To this kind of space it is always better to decorate with light colors, mostly because of the cleaning and the hygiene. Another important things are the douche and the sink, they have to match with the colours of the toillet and they have to be affortable.

To find the right douche you have to take in consideration your past experiences. If you remember that you experimented a great style and type of douche in a Hotel or in a friend’s house, you can buy a similar one after. More than that in the construction stores they can give you great ideas and tips about what has more to do with your lifestyle and your preferences. Recently the stores offer different types of douches, with chromotherapy and many devices.

The sink has to be easy to clean and can have different shapes too. There are classical models or even the most modern ones. The box or the curtain around the douche can help with the cleaning and the bathroom doesn’t get soaked.

And if you have more space and you love this shower time, buy a tub! It makes a huge difference when you want to relax, and if you have a whirpool it’s even better!!

To complete your bathroom decoration the last thing you got to do is to buy the acessory and the extra furnitures, such as the cabinet and the mirrors.