Finding the right style to your house and rooms.

The most difficult thing from the construction of a house till the finishing part is to decide the style that fits better with you and your home. First of all, if you have the oportunity to construct based in a defined style your house will be homogeneous and chic, all the decoration will be done according to what you’ve planned since the beggining.
So how can you decide what is better and what fits your personality not just for today but also in the future? First of all SEARCH. It’s really important to look for new information about design, architecture and decoration. You can find it in magazines, books and websites. When you find something you like and that you think can fit some part of your house, just cut from the magazine, scan the book or print screen the website. Doing this you will have one portfolio of what is the best in the press about the subjects and styles you like.
The second thing is to ORGANIZE your thoughts and cuts before drawning any kind of project. In this moment you have to have in mind for each room what you prefer and at least one essencial piece that you can’t live without. For example to me, in a room it is essential a wooden bed with a well worked headboard in a provence style.

by_Tilo Schüß

Another thing is to DRAW, like this you will have some kind of plant of decoration and so you will know where you can put one ore another furniture. After this, you finally can LOOK FOR and FIND the right pieces for your rooms. This is one of the best things in decorating! Visiting the stores and searching for the right and not too expensives pieces is great, even though sometimes, depending on your house size, you get more than a year for everything to be ready.

Obviously the hole process involves more than just this, but if you are totally lost that’s a great guide for you to begin!!