Essentials – bed room


Your bed room is a very privat place which should first and foremost suit you. Therefore it should be carefully decorated with whatever makes you feel home. Obviously the bed is one of the most central points then. Beds can get quite complicated to choose as the variety is very high.  Not only are there many differences in size of beds also style wise you will have many to choose from. Of course there are beds which will be attractiv to female buyers than to male buyers. But also vice versa. Beds with  a lot of details will often be bought by women whereas pretty simple beds will be more often be bought by mens.

What else will a bedroom need? If you have a stone floor you might want to buy a carpet. But they do often look old-fashioned, so a way around this might be a Cowhide Rug, which are also offered by IKEA. It will certainly add something to your bed room. If you have a wooden floor you might think about leaving it blank. Wooden floors tend to look very nice even without any kind of extras. Another big part of your bed room should be your cupboard. Again you will find many different sizes and styles to cupboards. However you should, if the room allows, rather buy a slightly bigger one than a smaller one. Most people tend to gather more clothing over years and therefore need more space to store it. A big single cupboard should always have two or three doors, one of which should hava a mirror. This will safe space which you can then use for pictures. It might be an idea to have black and white pictures for your bed room instead of colored ones, as black and white pictures will add a sense of coolness. Paying attention to these bed room style essentials you will definitly feel very comfortable there.