Essentials – living room

One of the most important rooms at home is the living room. It is a place where you spend a lot of time resting, reading or watching TV. It therefore should invite one to stay and feel comfortable. This of course needs some furniture and other stuff which makes a room cozy. So what is that? There should definitely be a big sofa which should be able to host at least two to three people comfortable. A very well know brand from Germany is Rolf Benz, offering a variety of sofas. One of them will definitely do the job.


Another very specific thing to have in your living room is a floor lamp. They invite to be sitting beneath them and have a glass of wine with a good book. A floor lamp makes every empty corner to a distinct point in the room. Plus they do not have to be expensive, even floor lamp from IKEA will do the job.

Another very important issue to have in your living room is a bookshelf. It has the aura of wisdom with it. Furthermore it gives every living room a personal touch as it should contain the books you are interested in and have read. This of course stands in contrast to the TV which also is required in a living room of today´s standard.